McMahon Metal Fabrication prides itself on its knowledge and understanding of the industries we service. With our excellent facilities, dedicated and experienced personnel and excellent relations with our suppliers we are able to meet and exceed our customer's requirements for quantity, quality and delivery.

We are leaders in general sheet metal and heavy steel fabrication and structural steel work for all size projects. We specialise in stainless steel, aluminium and general fabrication and using the latest  3D modelling Program (Solidworks) we are able to take your requirements from a solid model, drawing or just an idea through to a completed product.


McMahon Metal Fabricators  has built a reputation for excellence in steel and stainless steel fabrication.

McMahon Metal Fabricators   has been focused on general engineering since its inception, and has built a reputation for excellence in mild steel and stainless steel fabrication.

Our experience in this area is extensive. We are experts in the design and detailing of metal components and will advise on this aspect of your job if required. We can prepare shop drawings or work from yours to produce steel and stainless steel components to the most exacting standards.

Our workshop shop is equipped with modern machinery capable of handling all types of fabrication work. Our quality control systems are accredited to ISO 9001. Welding and other work is carried out by qualified personnel in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards.



McMahon Metal Fabricators   are leaders in offering a range of high quality, value for money, customized metal fabrication manufacturing services resulting in delivery of low risk solutions to our key partners.



McMahon Metal Fabricators can weld Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium to your requirements. We are fully workshop capable with experienced trade staff who can handle jobs of any size, from small repairs to major fabrication projects.

For all our clients' fabrication projects we provide precision pulse mig welding and manual tig, mig and spot welding. Our experienced welders ensure high durability and structural integrity of the product


Project Management 

McMahon Metal fabrication is able to manage a project from design inception through to the completed product. Clear communication between client, design and production is a key part of this role.


Sheet Metal Work

McMahon Metal Fabricators   has a wide range of experience in sheet metal fabrication for all of your custom sheet metal work needs.

All design and sheet metal work is carried out in close consultation with our customers to ensure the finished product is completed to the required specifications and built to last.


Metal Guillotining

McMahon Metal Fabricators  offers you services for both medium-gauge and heavy-gauge metal guillotining. Our guillotines use the latest technology and are able to cut most sheet thicknesses , in quantities, accurately every time. Equipped with a fully programmable backstop, our guillotine allows us to cut and stack large quantities efficiently and accurately to save you money.



A metal press brake, also known as a metal brake press, is a machine tool for sheet metal bending

Accuracy is critical with any fabrication job. Our brake presses allow us to achieve repeat accuracy consistently.  Whether it be a one-off job or production run, you can be assured that McMahon Metal Fabricators   has the equipment, the skill and the experience to get it right each and every time.



With our in house plate rollers we can carry out cold section rolling of steel and aluminium profiles with our plate rolling machine.


Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic particle Inspection (MPI) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) process for detecting surface and slightly subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, cobalt, and their alloys.